Friday, March 8, 2013

A Leprechaun's Treasure ~ Part 1

March lounged against the tree and handed a nut to the squirrel that sat on her shoulder.

"I am so bored, Rhoddy," she whined. "Nothing interesting ever happens around here."

"That's not true, Princess," said Rhoddy the squirrel. "A lot has happened in the past two months. Your sister, January was captured in a net and went to war with a mad man and your sister, February, overcame the bite of Jack Frost's ice at the Winter Ball and found love. Not to mention you have the company of a talking squirrel. Who else has that?"

March rolled her eyes. "All my sisters can talk to animals, you're just the only one who speaks English, so that only makes it a little bit special, but not exciting. And those things happened to my sisters not to me. Nothing fun ever happens to me." She handed Rhoddy another nut.

Rhoddy stuffed the nut into his cheeks. "Well if it's adventure you want, then adventure you shall have. Come on then."

March watched Rhoddy scamper off and with a big sigh, she got up and followed him.

"Where are you going?" she asked after catching up with him.

"I'm headed to Prism Falls, of course," said Rhoddy. "Where there's always a rainbow."

March picked at some dirt under her fingernails. "I've seen rainbows, Rhoddy, there's nothing exciting about them. Beautiful, yes, exciting, no."

Rhoddy put his fuzzy hands on his furry hips. "Don't you know about Prism Falls?"

March shook her head.

Rhoddy scampered to a branch that was eye level with March. "Prism Falls always has rainbows because it's where Leprechauns live."

March shrugged. "So? I know plenty of leprechauns, they come to all our balls and festivals. Bit of an ornery sort if you ask me."

"And what is it the leprechauns are always bragging about?" asked Rhoddy.

March's eyes widened. "Gold!"

"That's right!" Rhoddy clapped, then his eyes narrowed. "But we are not after their gold."

"We're not?" March raised an eyebrow.

"No, the treasure we seek is worth more than gold. We seek the aquamarine clover."

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