Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Amethyst Heart ~ Part 1

February peeked around the oak tree, her friend Crispin the Cardinal perched on a branch by her side. Crispin tilted his head to the side, before singing out a tune.

"Shhh," said February, "he'll hear you."

Crispin ruffled his feathers and sang again, causing February to chuckle. "I guess you're right, Crispin. Birds do sing in the forest, but what if he can understand you as I do?"

Crispin shrugged and turned his attention back to the man February was watching. He chirped again, trying to whisper, which is hard for a cardinal.

February blew her brown bangs out of her eyes. "Yes, I know he's Jack Frost, which is precisely why he peaks my interest."

Crispin let out a low whistle, causing February to roll her eyes. "Alright, it doesn't hurt that he's handsome. Not that it matters, he doesn't know I'm alive."

Jack disappeared, causing February to slide down the tree. "He didn't even frost anything." She pouted.

Crispin flew down, letting out another series of chirps.

"But, I love the cold," said February. "I love when the snow floats down in big flakes, mountains and mountains of drifts, that make the world snuggle down inside by fire places with thick books and hot cocoa." She picked up her bird friend. "Jack is an artist, I love the icicles and when he freezes the berries on the holly bush, it's just magical."

She sighed. "But this year has been different. It's like he's given up on his art and letting spring bounce in without a hint of winter. I wish I knew how to help him. Of course, in order for that to happen, he'd have to notice me."

Crispin nuzzled her hand.

"Oh Crispin, Jack and I have shared these woods for centuries and he's never once spoken to me. Not even at the Winter Ball when my father introduced us last year. He didn't even ask me to dance. It was like he didn't want to touch me."

"Silly child," came a voice from above the tree. "If course, Jack didn't want to touch you."

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