Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Amethyst Heart ~ Conclusion

Miss any of the parts, well here they are: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
February glided through the Winter Ball. All eyes were on her, but she didn't notice. She was looking for one person, Jack Frost. He looked stunning in his black suit, including leather gloves so to not accidently freeze anyone. This was her last shot, if she didn't win him over tonight, she never would.

Scanning the crowd, she caught sight of him--her love, Jack Frost. Taking a deep breath she walked to him. "Hello, Jack, I don't know if you reme..."

"February, you look lovely," said Jack, he swallowed hard. "Absolutely stunning. I mean you're always beautiful, but tonight you just look radiant. I was hoping to see you tonight."

February couldn't help but smile. "You did?"

Jack shook his head. "I'm sorry I must go."

"Wait, Jack." February reached out for Jack's uncovered wrist.

"No, don't you'll freeze," said Jack.

But it was too late, February was already holding his wrist smiling.

"I don't understand." Jack stared at their entwined hands. "Anyone who has touched my flesh has been frozen for all time."

Reaching up with her other hand, she delicately lifted the amethyst heart necklace. "It's this, Cupid made it for me so we could be together."

Jack took off his gloves and grabbed February's hands. "I've waited so long to do this--I've waited so long to feel your warmth."

February smiled. "Oh Jack.."

No sooner had she said his name, the Amethyst Heart started to melt and February's hands grew icy. The chill worked its way up her arm.

Jack jerked his hands away. "No... February."

February smiled. "It's ok, Jack. It was worth it."

And then she froze.

Jack pulled at his hair. "February, I can't lose you now."

With that, he kissed her frozen lips. "I love you."

February could feel his warmth, as she unfroze and fell into his arms sharing the passionate embrace. "I love you, too, Jack."

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