Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dakota Jones and the Peridot Princess ~ The Conclusion

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Dakota grabbed Ruby, pushing her behind him, ready to take on the next monster or trap in the Mayan treasure cave. But upon looking around the room, he saw they were not the ones in danger.

Tata Duende towered above Moses, a hand wrapped around both of Moses' thumbs, as Moses continued to scream in agony.

"Oh my God," whispered Ruby, "Tata Duende is taking his thumbs."

"What?" Dakota raised an eyebrow. "Taking is thumbs?"

"Yes, the legend is true. Tata Duende is seeking thumbs from people because he has none for himself. That's why I told you not to show him your thumbs."

A sickening pop filled the air as Moses sank to his knees and continued to scream at his now thumbless hands. Tata Duende turned toward Dakota and Ruby with a broad smile, bowed as the caved filled with a whistle, then disappeared.

"Guess Moses wasn't lucky enough to have you on his team, huh, sweetheart?" Dakota grabbed the necklace off the statue, shoved it into his bag and rushed to Moses, followed closely by Ruby.

Reaching into his bag, Dakota pulled out two rolls of gauze and handed one to Ruby. "We need to stop the bleeding."

Now it was Ruby's turn to raise an eyebrow. "You want me to help the guy who put a machete to my neck?"

Dakota nodded. "There's really only one difference between Moses and I."

"Oh yeah," said Ruby. "What's that?"

Dakota held up the gauze. "This." He started to wrap Moses' trembling hand. "We both want to be the first to find the treasure, but I won't let a man die to do it."

"You're right." Ruby sighed, then started wrapping Moses' other hand. "He would've left us here to die."

"And who says I won't now?" Moses sprang up and grabbed Dakota's bag. Dakota dodged, causing Moses to fall into the bulk of the treasure, but not before the bag was ripped from his shoulder.

Moses stood and started laughing as he wrapped the Peridot Princess around his wrist, as he scooped treasure after treasure into Dakota's bag. "You're a fool for taking only the necklace. A fool!"

The ground started to rumble.

"He's hit a trip wire," yelled Dakota. "Run!"

Dakota and Ruby ran toward the opening, relived to see Moses' men had left their ropes. Each grabbed a rope and started to climb. Dakota took one last look down, just in time to see Moses and the rest of the treasure being sucked down into a giant sand whirlpool. There were no screams from Moses this time, for his mouth was full of sand.

Pulling himself onto the Mayan pyramid landing, he leaned against the wall with Ruby. She handed him her canteen. "It wasn't a trip wire," she said, panting.

"No?" Dakota took a swig of water.

"You said it best, greed only leads to trouble. He didn't answer the riddle, so he wasn't allowed the treasure," Ruby explained. "Once the necklace was in his possession the Mayan gods made sure he didn't leave with it."

"Are you saying I was right?" A smile caressed Dakota's face as he handed the canteen back.

"Not on your life, Jones." She took a swig. "So are you sorry about the necklace?"

"No man should have that kind of power. I was going to destroy it, but the Moses saved me the trouble." Dakota hopped up and extended a hand to Ruby. "Have you ever heard of the crystal skulls?"


Back in the cave, Tata Duende admired the new addition to his treasure. In the corner, just past the Mayan goddess that once wore the Peridot Princess, sat a dozen gold statues. Until today there had only been eleven. The new one had a twisted look of pain on his face, the Peridot Princess wrapped around his wrist and no thumbs.

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