Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dakota Jones and the Peridot Princess ~ Part 6

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Dakota and Ruby tumbled into a huge sand pile, each rolling to break their falls. Dakota was first to his feet, "What'd you do that for?"

"Well a turtle always has its home with him, so I took page from your book and went with my gut." Ruby brushed her hair out of her face.

"Next time a little warning before going with your gut, ok?" Dakota looked around. "Well, we're inside."

"We're more than inside," said Ruby. "Dakota look."

Dakota turned to see a vast treasure of gold and jewels, there in the middle stood a statue of a Mayan goddess. A gold crown sat on her head filled with diamonds and pearls, while sapphire eyes stared at the explorers. There around her neck hung the Peridot Princess.

Ruby advanced.

"Be careful," Dakota grabbed her shoulder, pulling her back. "There's trip wire everywhere. One wrong turn and we're toast."

Dakota stepped over the wire and scanned the floor for more, taking careful steps as he advanced toward the statue. Ruby followed him, eyeing the treasures surrounding her. Safely in front of the statue, she read the markings. "Says something about a riddle; answer the riddle from the man with backwards feet and be rewarded." She gasped and whispered. "The Tata Duende."

"Ruby, it's a myth... " Dakota stopped as something large jumped into the hole they had fallen through. Ruby leaned into Dakota as he backed into the statue trapped.

A nasally laugh filled the air.

Dakota sighed. "I thought we left you at the tree, Moses."

"Luckily me and a couple of friends were able to jump through with you." He motioned toward his four machete armed guards and smiled. "Seize them!"

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