Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dakota Jones and the Peridot Princess ~ Part 4

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Dakota and Ruby tumbled down a small hill of sand before rolling to a stop. Ruby was the first to stand and brush herself off. Looking up she gasped.

Closing his eyes Dakota sighed. "It's spiders isn't it? It's always spiders."

Ruby remained silent so Dakota lifted his head. In front of him stood a paradise most men only dream about. A crystal blue stream ran through a lushious green meadow flanked by tall Cieba trees. In the middle of the meadow stood a tall Mayan pyramid under a cloudless azure sky.

"The pyramid, it looks brand new," whispered Ruby, snapping Dakota out of his trance.

"Come on," said Dakota, walking past Ruby toward the pyramid. "Let's find that necklace."

The two explorers hopped over the stream and crossed the meadow to stand in front of the stairs leading up to the top of the pyramid. Ruby studied the markings on the side of the stairs.

"What does it say?" asked Dakota.

"All those that walk will not stay in the light." Ruby raised an eyebrow. "Wonder what that means."

"It means that these stairs are booby trapped, sweetheart." Dakota looked at the stairs. "Does it say anything else?"

Ruby studied the rest of the pyramid. "I don't see anyth... wait on the stairs. The symbol on every third step."

"What does it mean?" asked Dakota.

"It's the K'IN, the symbol for sun."

"And the other two symbols?" Dakota squinted. "The ones on the first and second steps?"

"Well I believe the symbol on the first step is for mountain and on the second... I can't be for sure, but it looks like snake. But I can't be sure which steps to take... the sun is always in the light, but mountains can bring you closer to the light and a snake has to have heat in order to live."

"Well there's only one way to find out."

"No! Dakota wait!"

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