Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pearl: A Mini Novella (Part 3)

Part 1 ~

Part 2 ~

Pearl managed to avoid her daughter's confused stares as they grabbed their luggage and hailed a taxi. After the suitcases were loaded and everyone settled, Pearl rattled off a quick address to the driver.

"You know where we're going?" asked Heather.

"Of course, I do. You think I'd fly to Scotland and not know where Liam would be? You know you can find anyone on Google." Pearl flicked her hand at Heather.

"I didn't know you knew how to Google." Heather raised her eyebrows. "Don't you want to go to the hotel first and freshen up?"

Pearl shook her head. "No, we go now or I'll lose my nerve and never go."

Heather patted her mother's hand and turned toward the window giving Pearl some time to think about what she was going to say to Liam. Pearl knew they had a good twenty minute drive before arriving at Liam's stables. A quick internet research had shown her the Briarpatch Stables that Liam owned sat where she had once lived. She wondered how he'd take seeing her again?

"Here we are," said the driver, his thick accent hanging in the air, snapping Pearl out of her thoughts.

"Just leave the luggage here," Pearl said to the driver. "We'll get it later."

The driver nodded as Pearl and Heather slid out of the car. Heather looked around the yard as Pearl headed toward the stables.

"Shouldn't he stay?" asked Heather, pointing to the cab. "Where are you going?"

Pearl looked over her shoulder, but kept walking. "He won't be in the house. Not on a beautiful day like today. We'll be lucky if he isn't riding."

"Mom, you're walking around like you know the place."

"I do," said Pearl entering the barn. "Hello?"

No one answered so Pearl continued through the stable to the back corral. Shading her eyes from the sunlight, her heart skipped a beat as an older gentleman wearing a blue and green plaid quilt and black shirt rode up to great them.

He stopped short just before the door. "Pearl?"

"Yes, Liam." Pearl smiled, feeling her cheeks flush.

Liam jumped off his horse and embraced Pearl in a soft hug. "I never thought I'd see you again."

"I know, Liam, I'm so very sorry." Pearl leaned back from their embrace. "Liam, I have never forgotten you. All this time, I have kept my promise. The secrets can stop now."

"You mean Richard?" Liam raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, Liam, my husband died about a year ago." Liam embraced Pearl again

"I'm so sorry, love," he said.

"He was a wonderful man," Pearl said. "I'm thankful for the time I had with him."

"I will always be thankful to him as well," said Liam. "How long can you stay? We have a lot of catching up to do." He glanced at Heather. "And probably a lot of explaining to do as well."

"Excuse me," said Heather, scratching her head. "I'd really like to know what's going on now."

Pearl broke from Liam. "Liam, this is Heather, your daughter."

To be continued on July 17th....

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