Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Pendant's Price: A Mini Novella (Emerald) Part 3

In case you missed Part 1 ~ http://www.annas-legacy.blogspot.com/2012/05/pendants-price-mini-novella-emerald.html

In case you missed Part 2 ~ http://annas-legacy.blogspot.com/2012/05/pendants-price-mini-novella-emerald_17.html

After late night stroll around the boat, Jane wandered back to the room to find Lacey hunched over her computer reading something online.

“Are you crazy?” yelled Jane. “The internet’s like five dollars a minute on the ship.”

Lacey flashed Jane a Cheshire smile. “Soon my dear sister, we’ll be able to buy the boat.”

“Log off,” Jane scolded throwing her jacket on the bed. “What do you mean we’ll be able to buy the boat?”

Lacey turned the computer toward Jane. “That emerald pendant the vendor threw in is an ancient Mayan piece worth fifty million dollars. There are only two others like it in the world. It’s part of the sacred Sun Triangle. Explorers have been searching for it for years and we had it thrown in our laps. That old fool didn’t know what he had. Legend is if you have all three, you will live forever, or something.”

“Seriously, log off,” Jane said again, pointing at the computer. “I bet it’s a fake.”

“Well if it’s a fake then we don’t have to worry about the curse.” Lacey turned off her computer.

“What curse?” Jane asked changing into her pj’s. She thought about taking off the blue agate bracelet, but felt the need to keep it on.

“It’s said the Mayans didn’t think it was such a great idea for one person to live forever, so they cursed the third pendant. Anyone that’s ever found the third pendant has disappeared with the pendant. That is until now. Can you imagine Jane, fifty million dollars!”

“It’s a fake, let’s go to sleep.”

Lacey placed the emerald pendant in the safe and snuggled next to her sister.

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