Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Pendant's Price: A Mini Novella (Emerald) ~ Part 2

Part 1 ~

“Why didn’t you just pay the man the hundred dollars? That’s like pocket change to you,” asked Jane, handing the pendant back to Lacey as she looked around the small tourist village. “I mean, they have so very little.”

“You can’t be serious,” said Lacey. “This is all a scam. Do you really think they live in this run down village? No, it’s all a show for the tourists, so we’ll think they’re all poor and in desperate need of food or something. They all have nice homes in the mountains, complete with island views and satellite T.V.  so they can watch SpongeBob. Paying the asking price is asking to get ripped off, they mark everything up like one thousand percent or something. I’m pretty sure I saw a story about it on Dateline.”

Jane scanned the village again; it sure didn’t look like a scam. A small girl ran up to her, dozens of thread bracelets hanging from each arm. “Bracelet for a dollar.”

Jane handed her ten dollars and pointed at a red bracelet on the girls arm. The girl shook her head. “Take this one, for protection.”

She handed Jane a blue agate one that matched the ocean and tried to give Jane her change. Jane waved her off, telling her to keep it. Lacey raised an eyebrow and Jane shrugged. “I guess I feel every little girl should be able to watch SpongeBob.”

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