Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Pendant's Price: A Mini Novella (Emerald) ~ Part 1

Jane glanced at her watch as she tapped her foot. Lacey giggled at the gesture. “You’ll never change, sister dear.”
Rolling her eyes, Jane threw her hands in the air. “You’ve been bartering with the man for twenty minutes, we’ve got to get back to the ship or they’ll leave us. I can’t begin to imagine trying to get back to the states from here. Everything we need is on the ship, our passports, my credit cards…”
Lacey held up her hand, giving Jane the ‘I got it’ nod and turned back to the vendor. “I’ll give you fifty dollars for it, final offer.”
“But, ma’am, it is worth twice that,” the vendor replied in broken English. “My wife work very hard on the beading. One hundred dollar.”
“We’ll I guess we don’t have a deal.” Lacey tossed the necklace back on the table. “It’s only worth fifty, not a dime more.”
The man sighed, pulling something from his pocket. “Seventy-five and I’ll give you this emerald pendant my daughter found in the mountain ruins? Very valuable, one of a kind.”
Lacey gave Jane a knowing smile, before turning back to the man. “Sixty and we’ve got a deal.”
The vendor nodded and Lacey pulled out her cash. Stashing her purchases in her bag, she headed toward the boat with her sister.
"Let me see that pendant," said Jane.
Lacey handed over the green stone, surrounded in a celestial sun cameo. "It's just a trinket, he's probably got a dozen more hidden under the table. But I bet I can sell it on e-bay for a couple hundred."
As Jane fingered the stone, something stirred in the pit of her stomach, making her feel nauseous.
To be continued....

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