Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Pendant's Price: A Mini Novella (Emerald) ~ Part 4

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Jane felt a draft brush against her toes and opened her eyes. The balcony door was open, letting in the cool salty air. She glanced at the clock, 5:37 am it read.

“Lacey, come back in, it’s early,” Jane groaned when Lacey didn’t reply.

Jane released a low hiss and stomped out of bed. “Lacey, it’s freezing!  Get back inside… Lacey stop, what are you doing!”

Lacey stood on the railing, pendant in hand, ocean waves crashing along the ship below her. Desperate tears hung in her eyes. “I have to Jane. It can’t be found.”

Jane’s agate bracelet caught her eye and she knew what she had to do. “Give it to me. I’ll take care of it.”

“I can’t,” cried Lacey. “I own it. The burden is mine. I love you.”

Lacey leapt from the railing. Jane sprung forward grabbing her sister’s waist with more strength than she thought possible. Lacey fought for the plunge, grasping toward the deep water, but Jane’s grip held steady.

“I have too,” Lacey kept repeating. “I have to.”

Getting Lacey’s feet on the ground, Jane pried the pendant from Lacey’s grasp and threw it as far as she could off the balcony. Lacey fell into her sister’s arms as fifty million dollars fell to the ocean floor.

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