Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Diamond: A Mini Novella ~ The Conclusion

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With a heavy heart and sheer determination Diamond rushed toward the village. It was a long flight, but he would make it before Soledad. He had to. His mind raced as fast as his wings fluttered, what if the prophecy was true? Had he just doomed the earth by leaving Crystal alone with Soledad?
A scream pierced the sky. Was it Crystal? He turned toward the sound, he wouldn't leave her to face that monster alone. He had to save her, saving her meant saving them all.
The flash of her red gown told him Crystal was still alive and running. She was leading him south of the village toward the Gorge of Infinity. Diamond rushed ahead, trying to think of a plan. Crystal tripped near the gorge's cliff and scrambled away from the edge. Before Diamond could blink Soledad hovered over her. He rushed to the scene.
Gaining ground he saw Soledad's big paw tower over the girl. He straightened his body and pushed his tired wings to go faster. He began to chant, "With all my power with all my might, let me save this girl tonight."
Diamond threw himself in front of Crystal taking the force of Soledad's giant paw. A burst of white light exploded between the two, causing Soledad to fly backwards. Diamond saw Soledad's face turn pale only a moment before the monster fell into the gorge abyss.
Strength leaving his body, Diamond dropped toward the ground. Crystal raised her delicate hand, giving him a perch. "You saved me."
"No, he saved us all."
Crystal and Diamond turned to see Mother Earth and Father Spirit ascend from the sky.
"The prophecy was true," explained Mother Earth. "Our daughter, Cielo, would've been devastated at the loss of her daughter, Crystal. She would've flooded the earth with her tears." She turned to Diamond. "You have shown great bravery Diamond, and for your courage I have created a new stone in your name. It will be the most desired stone, but also the hardest to destroy. Thank you, my friend."
Diamond blushed, before bowing to Mother Earth. "I am humbled by your gesture."
"Now, dear," said Father Spirit, helping Crystal to her feet, "shall we get you home and hold a celebration. Let's have the villagers throw tomatoes at each other, paint the town red so to speak, now that Soledad is gone." He turned to Diamond. "Feel up to some painting?"
Diamond grinned. "Yes, sir, I do believe red is my new favorite color."

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