Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Diamond: A Mini Novella ~ Part 4

Diamond inched closer to Soledad. "Master, she is the daughter of Sol, the Keeper of the Sun, and Cielo, the Keeper of the Sky."

Soledad snorted. "She has told me the name of her parents. Her bloodline makes no difference to me, they will all be dead before sunrise. Unless you want to bare their same fate you will stand aside, fairy."

"But the prophecy," Diamond whispered. "It is told to all fairies that one day a daughter of the Keeper of the Sky will be killed in an act of noble sacrifice, which will cause the sky to cry for years. The sky's tears will flood the earth perishing all land dwellers."

"I do not believe in the tales and nonsense of fairies' bedtime stories. Now stand aside, Diamond!" Soledad bared his teeth.

"Please, brave fairy," said Crystal gently, "go before you get hurt and give my message to my parents. I have sealed my fate." She turned to Soledad. "I will play your game, but I insist you give me a fair start."

Diamond raised an eyebrow at the girl. The corner of her lip turned slightly upward as Diamond heard her voice in his head. "Go, fairy, warn my parents. I will keep Soledad busy as long as I can. Keep them safe until Mother Earth has returned. She will know what to do."
With that Diamond hurried toward the town.

Will post the conclusion to Diamond on May 1st

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