Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diamond: A Mini Novella ~ Part 3

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Part 2 -

Coming to his senses, Diamond chased the girl. "Wait, you mustn't do this!" he called after her.

If she heard him, she didn't heed his warning, running so fast he was barely able to keep up. Then she stopped suddenly, giving Diamond only a moment to fly up before colliding with her back. He turned to talk some sense into her when he caught sight of the object that made her freeze her sprint. Soledad loomed over her.

"Girl!" Soledad growled and slapped the ground with his large paw. "Red is forbidden in my realm. Do you wish to die for that is the path you have chosen by coming here."

"They call me Crystal, daughter of Sol and Cielo, I am here to offer myself to you in exchange for the safety of our tomato crop. My father is refusing to let the sun set, so you cannot hunt and will therefore never see our red tomatoes."

Soledad laughed. "Your father is as foolish as you. There are consequences to obstructing the natural ways of life. I will eat you now, then hunt your father. Let his death be a warning to the next Keeper of the Sun. I will be obeyed."

Diamond cleared his throat. "Master Soledad, might we come to an understanding without bloodshed? This young Daughter of Eve was willing to sacrifice her life not only for the sun, but for your livelihood. You would starve to death if the sun never set. She is saving your life as well as her people's welfare. Perhaps you show her mercy if they agree to pick all the red tomatoes before sun down?"

"Fairy you forget your place." Soledad snapped at Diamond before baring his teeth at Crystal. "This disobedience will not be tolerated. Tonight I will hunt twice. Do you want to run? We'll make a sport out of it." His eyes narrowed. "Either way, you die tonight."

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