Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Diamond: A Mini Novella ~ Part 2

Part 1 ~ http://annas-legacy.blogspot.com/2012/04/diamond-mini-novella-part-1.html

Diamond forced a smile. "I see someone has filled your head with nonsense, Child of Eve. The only one who is fated to be doomed is you, if you don't hide your scarlet frock. Soledad cannot stand the sight of the color of red."

"I am here to offer myself up as sacrifice so Soledad will leave the tomato crop alone. We can no longer pick them while green, they are too bitter. The merchants have refused to buy our bitter fruit. My father is desperate and has threatened to..."

"I will just paint your tomatoes purple, problem solved." Diamond brushed his hands together.

"You didn't let me finish, my father is the keeper of the sun. He is threatening to never let the sun set, so Soledad cannot hunt and will never see the red tomatoes."

"But he cannot do that! What of the nightingale and the opossum? The Moon Fairies and the Dragon Fruit flower?" Diamond paced back and forth. "Have you gone to Mother Earth? Has she any advice?"

"She is on holiday with the Father Spirit. I have sent a message with the wind, but time is not on our side. Father has said tonight is the last night he'll let the sun set."

The girl gathered her skirt. "I must find Soledad. I must give him my life in return for the safety of the crops. It is the only way. Please tell my father what I have done, so that all will be right." She turned to run.

"But I don't even know what they call you, Child of Eve," he shouted.

"They call me Crystal, daughter of Sol and Cielo." Then she disappeared into dark forest.

Diamond watched the girl, too stunned to move. The prophecy was coming true.

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