Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diamond: A Mini Novella ~ Part 1

Diamond gazed down at the girl laying in the path. The sun was setting and Soledad would soon be on the prowl. Usually, Soledad wouldn't bother with a skinny girl, he preferred pray with more meat, but she was draped in a scarlet satin gown. Between the girl's alabaster skin and raven hair, all Soledad would see was red.

Diamond learned the hard way that Soledad hated the color red after painting the roses red on Soledad's favorite bush. Soledad had thrashed the bush apart and Diamond had barely escaped with his life. Soledad had made it very clear all colors were acceptable in his forest, save the color red.

But, how to wake the girl when Diamond was no bigger than her finger? Spreading his iridescent wings he coasted to the where the girl lay.

"Excuse me," he said, tugging on the girl's hand. She didn't stir.

Diamond rubbed his chin. There had to be a way to wake this Child of Eve before Soledad caught sight of her. An idea popped into his head, she wouldn't like it, but no time could be wasted.

Rubbing his hands together Diamond chanted a prayer, "Dear Mother Earth, my situation's dire. Please give to me the power of fire."

Soon a small ember began to glow in the palm of his hand and quickly grew into a small flame. Diamond gently held the fire under the girl's dainty wrist. "Painful, but quick," he thought.

And he was right, upon seconds of feeling the heat the girl bolted up, knocking Diamond into a nearby bush. He was thankful it was his peonies bush that was quick to catch him within her soft leaves and not one of his beloved roses.

Straightening his clothes and wiping off his wings, he flew to the girl. "I do apologize, my lady, but I had to wake you. You must hide before Soledad begins his nightly hunt."

"But it is because of Soledad that I am here. I must face him or we are all doomed."

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