Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amethyst, A Mini Novella - Part 2

Miss part 1? Here it is ~

"You?" Amethyst's nose turned up in disgust as she stared at the man who single-handily ruined her life.

"You're welcome," said Jasper, putting Amethyst down. "It's always nice to feel appreciated. I can only imagine your response had I let your pretty tush hit the ground."

"Thanks," Amethyst said sarcastically as she smoothed out her skirt, "but I had it."

"Sure you did." Jasper winked.

"You know, that's just like you. You come in acting like you're a hero or something, when things were just fine."

Jasper sighed. "Things were not fine, not now, not there. You were being scammed."

"So what?" huffed Amethyst. "The dogs had a place to live until I found them permanent homes. So what if it was run by a slum lord? You called the law on him, and he called the law on me for not having a permit. Now I have no idea where those dogs are. Most of them are probably dead by now. You know the pounds in this city have no problem with euthanizing strays. They wouldn't let me adopt a single one." Amethyst broke down into tears. "All I was trying to do was help and you ruined everything."

"Not everything," said Jasper. "What if I told you I can get them all back?"

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