Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Amethyst: A Mini Novella ~ Part 1

Amethyst looked down at her shoe. Sure enough a 4-square length of toilet paper was attached. How long had that been there? Her cheeks glowed as she thought of the stares she had taken as ego boosters. They were not staring because she was rocking the plum pashmina she had just bought, but because she was trailing potty paper.

Shaking her head, she debated the best way to rid herself of the embarrassing nuisance. If she stepped on it with the other foot, then it would just become attached to her other shoe. Not a remedy, just the same problem, different foot.

The thought of touching the paper caused her to gag. Even a gallon of hand sanitizer couldn’t wash those cooties away. She looked around the street for a stick, litter, even a rock, but found nothing that would rid her of the offensive trail.

She looked to the curb. If she could just scrap it off, then the appalling problem would just float down the street and be somebody else’s dilemma. Toilet paper was biodegradable right?

Amethyst hobbled to the curb and began wiping the bottom of her shoe along the edge. She heard the honk of a horn, right before a bus barreled by, throwing her off balance. She threw her arms out to steady herself, her elbow cracking into something, before she fell directly into the arms of Jasper Moonstone.

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