Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amethyst: A Mini Novella ~ Conclusion

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"You can't get them back," Amethyst rolled her eyes. "You're only saying that so I'll forgive you, but I won't. I can't."

"Seriously," said Jasper, "I can get every one of those dogs back and I've found a place for you to keep them. Legally."

"I don't believe you." Amethyst folded her arms.

"You don't have to, just come with me and I'll show you," pleaded Jasper.

Amethyst huffed and tapped her foot. "I really shouldn't give you the time of day."

"Come on, just give me an hour to see what I've done." His eyes fell. "I did it all for you."

Amethyst felt her heart melt. Why did he have to look at her like that? He knew she couldn't resist that look. "Fine," she said, dropping her arms like a five year old who's finally agreed to eat his broccoli.

Jasper hailed a cab and rattled off a quick address Amethyst wasn't familiar with. "Is that in the city?" she asked.

A devilish grin caressed his face. "You'll have to wait to find out."

Amethyst raised an eyebrow at him, before turning her focus to the window. Soon she was snoring softly. She awoke to the gently shaking of Jasper. "We're here."

Amethyst blinked the sleep out of her eyes and took in her surroundings. The cab was parked at an old farmhouse, complete with two finished barns and a storage shed. "Where are we?"

Jasper reached over her and opened the door. "Let's get out so you can look around."

She stepped out of the cab. Jasper followed behind her before letting out a loud whistle. Amethyst heard a bark, then another. Soon five fuzzy heads came barreling toward her. She recognized them instantly. They were her strays.

"The two little ones are in the house with Marg," said Jasper. "We're going to build a fence around the house so they can play outside, too. Since we won't let every dog you find run the acreage, there are state-of-art kennels in the barn. Plans are in the works to give each dog an outside run pen as well as their kennels inside."

Tears flooded Amethyst's eyes as she hugged her furry friends. "I don't understand. How did you do this all this?"

"I met Marg at the pound. She had been volunteering there while setting up her own kennel," explained Jasper. "She hated the city's euthanasia law, so she bought this farm with the dream of running a no kill shelter. She's already got a grant for the rest of the construction, donations are pouring in, and now all she needs is a manager. We're hoping you'll take that job."

"Where was all this passion when I started my kennel?" Amethyst sighed.

"You're what I'm passionate about." He said wrapping her up in his arms. "I want my wife back."

Amethyst looked around the farm before glancing at her husband. "You've got her."

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