Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Garnet ~ A Mini Novella Part 3

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His feet barely touched the ground as he ran toward Kori’s house. Flames shot through the windows, the entire house engulfed. Garnet pulled out his cell phone and quickly dialed 9-1-1.

“Yes, there’s a fire at 2165 January Street. Please come quick. I’m going in.”

He dropped the phone and barreled through the door. “Kori!”

Smoke filled his nose and burned his throat, causing him to cough hard. “Kori!” he shouted again.

The flames licked at his jacket as he threw his arm over his nose and mouth. Making his way to the couch he found nothing. Turning toward the kitchen a small explosion turned the door frame into a wall of debris.

“Please God, let me find her,” he whispered as he ran toward her room. The flames had not made it to that side of the house, but the smoke was thick. “I can't lose her.”

He coughed again as he entered the master suite. There was no sign of Kori. Maybe she had gotten out. He hadn’t even looked around the house before barging in. How stupid, playing the hero was only going to get him killed. She wasn’t even in here.

He swung around to rush back out the front door, begging the path to be clear, when something caught his eye. The bathroom door was shut. Kori never shut it, even when it was ‘occupied’ because the handle stuck.

Running to the door he tried the handle. Nothing. He kicked until the door gave way. There he found Kori, curled up in the tub. The area under nose black with soot.

Another explosion rocked the house. Garnet grabbed Kori’s hand and pulled, hoping she would follow. But she didn’t move.

To be continued...

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