Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Garnet - A Mini Novella, Part 1

By Jennifer McMurrain

Garnet – The stone of stability and devotion

“Garnet, you really don’t have to stay. I’ll be fine,” said Kori, grabbing a couple of sodas from the fridge.

Garnet furrowed his brow as he took the coke from her. “There’s no way I’m leaving you here alone after what you’ve been through. That was a rough one. Shouldn’t we be digging into the Ben & Jerry’s?”

Kori gave him a half smile. “You act like I haven’t been through it a million times before, besides that guy isn’t worth Ben & Jerry’s, he was more of a generic vanilla kind of guy. Seriously one day I’ll give up on all these losers and actually find a nice guy.”

“What if you already have?”Garnet asked.

She raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean, Garnet? This isn’t the first time you’ve had to come ‘rescue’ me after a boyfriend has either left me stranded or dumped me via cheating. My track record speaks for itself. You are the only stable man in my life.” She laughed and took a swig of her coke.

“Exactly.” Garnet put his soda down and took Kori’s from her, before grabbing both her hands. “We’ve been friends for the past ten years. I’ve picked you up from failed dates, held your hair back after drunken binges and God knows what else. I’ve been your shoulder to cry on, your back up plans, and your gossip buddy. Now I want to be more. I want to be it all.”

Kori’s mouth fell open. “But you’re my best friend. If we dated, I’d screw it up. I know I would. Then I’d not only lose a boyfriend, but I’d lose my best friend. I can’t lose you.”

Garnet tucked a blonde curl behind her ear. “You never would. I will always be here for you, just like I always have. Please give me a chance, Kori. I love you.”

Kori shut her eyes. Garnet held his breath and waited for the words he so desperately wanted to hear.

To Be Continued…

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